Embrace Your Healthiest Self This Year: The Importance of an Annual Physical

Many of the most common chronic illnesses are preventable. For instance, nearly half of the people suffering from high blood pressure don’t even know they have it … yet. If only they knew what they were about to face, they would probably do all they could to avoid the pain and suffering ahead. 

That’s the advantage you get from annual physicals. 

There are more than 133 million Americans struggling with chronic illnesses that could have been prevented, and only a little more than half of them take advantage of the preventive care available to them. Just think, a quick doctor’s visit once a year could save you from a lifetime of illness. 

At RevaMed Primary Care Associates, we offer comprehensive annual physical exams that can alert our medical team about any potential medical issues and stay one step ahead of them. 

Even if you feel perfectly healthy, there are some very compelling reasons to make your annual physical a top priority. Here are some of them.

Undetectable dangers

Many chronic diseases don’t come with warning signs until it’s too late. For instance, diabetes can sneak up on you without a sign. About 84 million Americans are prediabetic, which means they’re on the cusp of an irreversible diabetes diagnosis. 

The good news is that a quick check of your blood reveals the potential problem, allowing us to take measures to prevent a diabetes diagnosis.

Another common chronic illness, hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often called the “silent killer” for good reason. If you have high blood pressure, there are generally no outward signs until it’s too late and heart disease, heart attack, or stroke develop. Living with hypertension is tough, but preventing it is possible. Caught early, we can help you avoid heart problems in the future.

Glaucoma, certain cancers, and metabolic issues are just a few more examples of the many other conditions that show no early symptoms. Through an annual physical, we can check for any red flags and take the appropriate steps to safeguard your health.

Medical monitoring

Comparison is an effective way to measure the changes in your health, as change often indicates a concern. Annual physicals allow us to track your health from year to year. With an established baseline of your health, we can spot any worrisome trends and take action quickly. More often than not, early diagnosis and intervention can make all the difference.


Everyone is unique and comes to us with a different set of circumstances. Some are at risk for heart disease, while others might be a candidate for osteoporosis. We don’t waste your time with unnecessary tests, but we do make sure to screen you for any condition that might run in your family or that you might be at risk for given your lifestyle and current health status. 

Once we establish your medical history, we can recommend the right screenings for you, whether it’s for certain cancers or sexually transmitted infections, or any other condition.

Of course, there are certain tests and screenings we recommend for everybody, including mammograms for women, colonoscopies for anyone over 50, and prostate testing for men, to name a few.

We want to make sure to cover all the bases when it comes to your health care. An important part of your annual physical is to plan ahead for any special screenings you may need and to provide you with the orders (prescriptions) to have them done. So even if you’re feeling great, we urge you to keep up with your annual physicals so we can keep you feeling that way.

If you haven’t had a regular checkup in a while, give us a call or schedule an appointment using our online tool today.

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